Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unpleasant Situations.

Well I promised you that at this time of year, I would be entertaining you with stories of company christmas parties and other adventures. Obviously I will not name people and I am only sharring my Innkeepers perspective so you can better imagine the life of the Mad Inn Keeper.

Sunday is family day at the Inn. Brunch is served from 10h00 am until 2h00 pm. We seldom sell much alcohol, however today we had a customer (who was alone) and who had several drinks before we finally mentionned to him that unless he had a room here, we could not and would not serve him anymore drinks. The gentleman was in no way unpleasant and did not show any signs of inebriation but we feel responsable for the safety of all our clients and so we take steps in order to not let someone drive while under the influence.

He decided to rent a room and ordered more drinks. On Sunday's the SPA is open by appointment only. The gentleman decided to book a massage. Once again in the best interest of my staff, the techician was told about the customer and the number of drinks he had ( by now we are in the double digits!). She refused to perform the massage and came to me to explain that alcohol and massages do not mix. I agreed and diplomaticly informed the guest that unfortunatly the spa was now closed for the day and that we would gladly book him a massage for the next day.

He was upset and frustrated and asked to speak to the manager. He got the Mad Inn Keeper instead!!! There was no use telling him the truth in his state so I stuck to my story of the employee not being available and sent her home for the day. He is now questionning our professionalism and becoming very frustrated with all of us. I finaly told him he was free to leave if he was not happy.

This is the other side to the hospitality service. We have a responsibilty that I take seriously. I wish I could turn my head and just ignore these situations. After all I cannot be responsable for how much people drink right? well I feel very responsable and do not want to hear that someone killed themselves or worse killed some innocent victim while driving home.

Lets hope he sleeps it off and when he wakes up he will be in a better mood.

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At November 3, 2008 at 10:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


In all our dealings with you and the Auberge - the lovely wedding, accommodating our family for brunch, and our anniversary dinner - our experience has been top notch.

Your professionalism is this instance commendable, genuine, and not surprising.

Keep it up.

At November 3, 2008 at 1:41 PM , Blogger Linda Gallant said...

Thank you!

I hesitated in posting this blogg but I really thought you would enjoy the inside look at this fascinating business. It is not always fun and games!

By the way, all ended well and the gentleman left here with a smile.


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