Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowmobile trails open for business!

This is the second season that we are open for snowmobile business. We usually close for the first week of January to do painting or to change carpets. This year we decided to take a break and with all the snow we have had since Christmas well...we are spending our time shoveling! you probably think that I am talking about sidewalks, doorways and driveways, right? Well imagine having to shovel the snow off of the roof!!!
There has been so much white stuff that we are in day 3 of snow removal!

This however is paradise for our new snowmobile customers, everyday we are seeing more and more people show up for a beer, lunch or just to browse around to check us out for their next visit. It is fun to see the place with this new traffic. We also had our first crosscountry customers show up and use the Escapade trails. These are 20 kilometers off trail network that offer an Inn to Inn experience.

The spa and health center are also very busy this week. I guess there are a few customers who received a gift card over the holidays and want some R&R after a hectic few weeks. There is no time to rest for the wicked... I am already planning Valentine's day specials and of course the opening of our Maple sugar Shack at the end of February. Just a few more reasons for you to visit us in 2010!

Happy New Year!!!


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