Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maple Masters

Auberge des Gallant is really proud to be part of the Maple Masters group that reunites one hundred ( 100 ) chefs, forming the Maple Gourmet Road all around the province, where maple products are used all year long in many ways.
Visit the Maple Gourmet Road's web site and discover all the masters.

Every year, at this time, our chef elaborates a menu to honour this wonderful period that is the Sugaring off season.  Discover our Maple Menu below:

   Maple Discovery Menu 2011
   ( March 1st to April 30th 2011)
Our house wood smoked salmon
Cuvée spéciale 2007
Vignoble du Marathonien
 Havelock, Québec
Caramelized sweetbread with maple liquor
Lustau, Dry Oloroso Don Nuño
Solera Reserva Sherry, Espagne
Salmon filet glazed with maple, soya and ginger
Pinot Noir, Village Reserve, v.q.a 2007
Le Clos Jordanne, Canada

Ou / Or

Braised beef with maple local beer
Cabernet-Sauvignon, Shiraz 2005
 Las Moras, Argentine
Maple crème brulée
Cidre de glace, 2007
Domaine Pinnacle

Frelighsburg, Québec
Espresso, cappuccino or maple flavoured caffe latte

60,00$ p. pers.
(package extra : 10,00 $ p. pers.)

Our wine suggestions that accompany our menu are offered at 99,00$ p.pers.
(package extra : 55,00$ p. pers.)

Indulge yourself with the wine pairing option, created by our sommelier Thomas.


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