Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well another year has come and gone. Tonight we will have our famous New Year's eve party with a pianist and violinist from 7h00 to 10h00 pm, a six course dinner featuring Neil's home made ravioli stuffed with duck confit and seared foie gras, blinis and caviar, Angus filet mignon, Artic char with lobster tail and much more.

From 10h00 to 2h00 we will have dancing in our pub with our DJ Michel and of course bubbly and party favors will be available for all!

I have a feeling we will have to keep an eye on the new hot tub...

A few guests may be celebrating the new year under the stars with the deer watching!

I can just imagine what the deer must be thinking... "what strange creatures we are"!

This year the xmas partie's where tame compared to other year's. I think everyone was on extra good behavior not to give companies the excuse not to have one. We had ours on Sunday Dec 21st. Of course it was in the middle of a snow storm once again so a few people did not make it. We usually have our party after the holidays but this year with everyone going away and our closing from January 5th to the 15th for some painting and small renovations, we decided to have our party in December.

I will keep you updated as the renovations go. We will be redoing room 109 since it is one of the most popular rooms. Because of this, we have found that the wallpaper has actually shrunk and looks terrible due to the fireplace that makes the room so dry. The Wallpaper company takes no responsability of course, so we will assume the cost of this clean up ourselves.

I was not in favor of wallpaper to begin with. Unfortunatly when we have our rooms inspected for classification (1 to 4 stars) They give us extra points if we have wallpaper. Since we have woodburning fireplaces in 18 of our 24 rooms you can imagine the smoke dammage to the walls and ceilling which creates a need for us to paint some rooms on a yearly basis. We also have burns on the carpet and usually within 24 hours of the installation! I try not to cry when this happens.

you cannot be to materialistic when you share an Inn with guests. things break, burn, and dissapear but for the most part guests are actually very careful. After 27 years in this business I can still say that I am passionate about Innkeeping and would not want to do anything else!

So Thank You for giving me a reason to get up each and every morning. I look forward to sharing many more memories with you in 2009!

Happy New Year!

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