Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I survived!!

Here I am one day to take off! Yup I have managed to pack a suitcase, get my weddings organised, meet the staff and have a one of my panic fits over the weekend. The staff will be so happy to see me get out of here. Last night I had to do a political dinner thing. Our representative in the assembly had awarded Gerry a medal from the National Assembly for his lifetime achievements in the service industry and fundraising for our local hospital. She asked if we would attend this fundraising dinner for her last night, so of course I said yes having nothing better to do…

We were seated at her table with the minister of tourism for Québec so I had a chance to talk to him as president of Hotellerie Champêtre about online reservations and the labor situation (lack of personnel). I have always enjoyed dabbling in politics as my closest friends know, but in these times I do not envy them in the least.

Now back to the trip. My New York Yaya’s are leaving today for Florence and we shall join them tomorrow. I had a thing about flying on September 11th. It is also a special birthday for someone I care deeply for, so I am glad we are here to help celebrate.

I shall try to keep my blog up to date while on vacation, so stay tuned….

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