Thursday, October 4, 2007

I am back...and in need of another vacation!

I am amazed at how rested I was when I returned from Italy and how soon Life as an innkeeper took over and exhausted me! Let me describe the last week:

Monday: I caught up on all me emails and phone messages, My mother dropped by with our new family member Damas, a 5 year old Labrador. The Mira foundation had called me just as I was leaving for the airport, to tell me they had a wonderful dog that needed to be retired and was in need of a new home. In the past I had Muffin who was part of the auberge for 10 years. After her passing many customers still ask about her. These dogs are so well trained and used to the public, so the perfect choice for us.

Tuesday: Meet with all the departments to catch up and plan the next week. Met with Julie the wedding planner to go over the 9 weddings that went on while I was away.

Wednesday: hired a new chef to handle the purchasing, schedules and maintenance of the kitchen. Neil our son will concentrate on the menu creation side. Get a call at 2h00 am for a wake up call. There goes my good night’s sleep!

Thursday: spent the day with Sylvie at Hotellerie Champetre. I am president of this hotel chain that represents 25 wonderful hotels. Signed a lease for our new offices on University street in Montréal and went over our projects for the next year. In the middle of the meeting, Neil calls to tell me that our new dog Damas has eaten some rat poison, I rush off to meet him and the dog at the vet. Woken up at 1h00 and 2h00 am for late check inns. Once again no sleep.

Friday: At 5h00 this morning I must get up and let the hairdresser and beautician in to prepare for a wedding at noon. I am doing the audit for the next three days since Dominique is on vacation. Returned to the vet’s for an update on Damas. No problem we purged the poison from the Dog so he is saved! Return to the inn to meet with two new couples to book their wedding and supervise the two weddings going on. I drop into bed by 8h00pm exhausted.

Saturday: I am at the desk by 7h00 am doing the audit and start seeing couples about 2008 weddings by 9h00 am. We have three weddings going on today and I have to finalise the bills for the two weddings yesterday. After meeting with 8 or 9 new couples for 2008, I am once again In bed by 8h30 and drop like a fly!

Sunday: Up by 7h00 for the audit and prepare for the brunch which is a full house at 10h00 and 1h00. Gerry’s family (my husband) are celebrating one of their own and spend the afternoon with us. By 6h00 o'clock, the place is empty and we order a Pizza, yup a pizza for a quick bite to eat with a salad and then once again I drop and sleep non stop for 12 hours! I think I need a vacation!

Note: when staying in an Inn please note that they are not full 24 hour service hotels. Most Inns give you information about wake up calls, Internet access and other important facts on arrival. Basically most will tell you their front desk hours. Example from 7h00 am to 11 p.m. Please do not call at 2h00am and ask for a wake up call (that you can do yourself on the phone or with the clock beside your bed) or ask what time it is… or ask for an Internet access code. You will usually wake up the Innkeeper who is on call for an emergency after hours, when you could have asked for these services before 11h00pm. After 3 nights of very little sleep, I was in no mood to answer the customer who woke me up at 5h00 to cancel his wake up call at 5h15 because he was already awake. I mean Think about it, why do I need to cancel a wake up call??? Just let it ring. Does he think that there is someone at the desk waiting to call him???


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