Sunday, December 16, 2007

New to the feeders

Well after such a busy week, I awoke this morning to another snow storm! Thank goodness that most of the staff chose to sleep at the inn last night. I will not have to cook breakfast!!!
I did get up bright and early for my morning outing with Damas and found these new guys at the feeders. I have never noticed this bird before so out came the camera and then a little research in my bird book by Roger Tory Peterson.
At first I thought they were White Winged Crossbills (Loxia Leucoptera) but then I found the Pinicola enucleator known as the pine grosbeak. If I am wrong I hope someone will let me know.
This new camera of mine Lumix FZ18 is fantastic! I stubornly refused to learn how to use a digital camera because I do not feel like learning any other techno gadgets like the blackberry ect. I feel my life is run by these things and that I am less and less an Innkeeper and more and more a Tech geek! Well now that I have this camera, I am amazed at how easy it is to take pictures and share them with others.
I think this is a great way to share bird shots within minutes of taking the picture. Imagine you then have time to come and see for yourself!!!
Well so far the only customers for brunch are those that slept here last night. Most of the other parties have cancelled except for local customers who enjoy the drive.
I hope you are taking advantage of this beautiful break to crawl up by a fire or in bed to read a good book. That is what I will be doing today.

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