Sunday, December 9, 2007

What's going on this week?

we are celebrating Dana's (my adopted godchild) 21st birthday. This week is going to be my busiest before the actual holidays. I need to do some xmas shopping since I have done absolutly nothing. In between all this I have my IT person coming to work on the computers because we have been having some slow downs and problems.

I have a meeting with a Tourisme person to go over some training that our staff could subscribe to. I also have a photoclub class in the evening. all week we have corporate groups in meetings. we are going to be very busy.

Is my annual xmas dinner with my board of Hotellerie Champêtre. we shall be dinning at Chasse et Pêche restaurant in old Montreal. We will start by visiting our new offices on University, have a board meeting, meet some people from Tourisme Québec and then have dinner. will let you know how the dinner was.

I have a meeting with a consultant abut the role of Hotellerie Champêtre in the scheme of things in the Québec Tourisme Industry.

I have a lunch with my Yaya's to celebrate Marina's birthday. Will pass around our xmas presents as well. This year the girls will be getting smoked salmon from me. We also have the busiest weekend for xmas parties.

I will meet with brides so they can look at the possibility of having their wedding here at the inn in 2008, 2009 or 2010! There is not much left for 2008 on a saturday between the month of May and October but there is always a possibility. The xmas parties will be in full swing with dancing after dinner.

The maple pavillon will be open for dinner and dancing on Saturday December 15th, for groups of 4 or more persons by reservation. This is a first and already we have 70 persons.

we will have two sittings for brunch including a sleigh ride. We have been fortunate that the snow has stayed and given us ideal conditions for the rides. The deer and birds are of course a big draw with the people.

If you ahve not made plans for new years eve, get to it. we have some rooms available for a one night stay. check out the web site and our specials!

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