Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meet Damas!

Here is my new big boy! Damas is a retired seeing eye dog from the Mira Foundation. He will be 5 years old at the end of this month. Unfortunately when going for walks, Damas would pull to the left, so did not cross streets in a straight line. For this reason they retired him. Years ago I had adopted Muffin, a yellow lab from this same foundation. We had 11 wonderful years before she died of old age.

It took me awhile to reconsider having a new dog. We have made so many improvements at the hotel; new carpets, furniture, etc., that I did not want to become once again a pet friendly hotel. Well, all that disappeared the day before I left for my cooking course in Italy last September. That is when the Mira Foundation called and offered us the chance to adopt Damas.

It will soon be two months that he has joined the staff at the Inn. The customers love him, the staff spoil him and even Gerry, my husband, checks to see if I have not forgotten to walk, feed or spend time with him. He has become our mascot and we all work for him now instead of the other way around.

We also adopted two cute tabby kittens for the stables. We have two Percheron horses, Doc and Andy, that we use for sleigh rides and weddings, a small goat called lucky who has lived way beyond her years, and Bob, a 15 year old tomcat. that is in fine shape. The two new guys on the block will add some much needed young blood and will entertain the older guys and perhaps give them a few extra years with us. If you can come up with a cute name for the brother and sister kittens, I would love to hear them. So far I have come up with Jack and Jill or Bobino and Bobinette (since we are in Qu├ębec).

If you want information on adopting these well trained dogs from the
Mira Foundation, just call them and put your name on a list. There is a fee for the dogs due to all the time, energy and training that is spent on these animals and you must have someone at home with them since they are use to being with someone all the time. They also look for homes for the older retired dogs that can no longer service their master. There is no fee for these wonderful dogs who only need a loving home for the few years of retirement that they have left. I am happy to be able to share my affections with such loving animals.

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