Friday, November 2, 2007

High speed internet - finally!!!

I feel like I am born today! After struggling for so long to get high speed internet, we are finally connected. You would think that being so close to Montréal that we would have had this service years ago. But noooooo that would have been too easy. Ok, now let’s get Bell, Tellus and Rogers to do something about the cell phones here. If everyone complains about the service and at the same time let them know that we now have towers where they could hook up the antennas or whatever, then I am sure they will do something.

If someone out there is having trouble on the road from Montreal to Ottawa near route 201 and Rigaud, this is the area I am talking about. Ste Justine, Ste-Marthe, Très St Rédempteur among a few other municipalities have very few residents and business over miles and miles. It was not profitable for Videotron, Bell or Cogeco to invest with so few customers. But Très St Rédempteur, decided that they would create a Coop in order to offer the service to their residents and businesses at the same price as regular customer. I think it is less than 29$ a month!!!

This project became a social project, with the help of a few good people. One of them is my husband Gerry who donated the land to install 2 towers that are well hidden not to obstruct anyone’s view. These towers will provide all residents within miles the use of high speed internet. Of course we did this for us but knowing that it will also serve others makes it even more worthwhile.

Now you are starting to understand that being an Innkeeper involves all kinds of projects. I am glad to finally see this one completed.

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