Wednesday, November 14, 2007

VCHS big 50 reunion in April 2008

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing two old (I mean young!) classmates. Sue Lavigne and Christine Lalonde have decided that it is time that the class of 75 get together. Our class unfortunately did not have a year book made due to a terrible error from the janitorial staff of VCHS during our spring break. They were too efficient and trashed all the hard work that had been left in the staff lounge.

2008 is a milestone in our lives and so we decided that it was high time to get the class of 75 back together again. Over the years I have had many of my classmates drop in to the Auberge. It is always a pleasure to see and catch up with old friends. I think that we have aged very well and at this stage in our lives, we should have the time and interest in getting back with old friends.

Please feel free to look me up on facebook and join in our group. We would love to hear your comments, find out where you are and what you are doing. The more the merrier!!!

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