Monday, December 3, 2007

Enough already!

We are having quite the snow storm this Monday morning! Our roads are blocked so I am doing the cooking for the customers that are snowed in since the staff cannot make it. I still managed to get a photo of deer feeding at 7h00 am. I am no longer wondering if we will have a white xmas!

The sleigh rides were on yesterday at brunch and a photographer from the Montreal Gazette came by for some pictures to complement an article that will be in this Thursday's edition in the west Island section. A journalist came by last month to do an article on the SPA and Inn.
The xmas parties are going full swing and the staff have managed to keep all under control. I find this time difficult because the clients that we have are guests of their company and may not appreciate what we have to offer.Many have never stepped foot in an Inn and expect room service at 2h30 in morning. I also find many decorative elements of the inn disappear at this time of year. I guess some folks figure that they are included in the price of the room!
Last year we had one couple who drank so much that we had to close the room for a week in order to repair the damage. Of course the company had to pay the bill. They did not reserve again this year.

I wonder if I will be serving lunch as well as dinner this evening! I hope the snow lets up so the staff can give me a break!

Ba Humbug!

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