Monday, December 17, 2007

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Well Sunday was cancelled! Only the in house guests spent the morning and then decided to brave the storm and head home. One couple remained to celebrate their 30th anniversary. For two weeks now we have been doing nothing but shoveling parking lots and roof tops. People do not realise that this much snow is very heavy and can cause structural damage.
The maintenance staff are exausted as is my husband Gerry who is the one in the snow blower.
Monday morning is spent cleaning up this mess so we can get back to business.
The funniest thing is people think that because we live in the country that our roads are blocked during and shortly after a snow storm. Well I have news for you, Our roads are actually better and easier to drive through because the when the plow passes, there are no cars in the way so it is cleaned instantly. The cities have much, much worse conditions than us.
Keep that in mind in winter, there is no problem with parking or the roads in the country, so what are you waiting for to get out of the city???
by the way, I thought my birds were eating quite alot of bird seed? well I have discovered the culprit who has been emptying my feeders. The squirrels have been getting the blame but look who I found at the feeders this morning???

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