Saturday, January 19, 2008

Groomzilla's and hair nets!

Just so you know, hair nets are used in kitchens as much as hats now because they are even better at preventing stray hair from falling into food.
We have a window in our kitchen so everyone can see what the kitchen is doing and the staff can also see if someone is in front of the door. We have always had an open door policy and we think it is important for people to be able to see what is going in a kitchen. What do you have to hide if you have a clean establishment that produces delicious meals??? also it is nice for the Kitchen staff to have some contact with the public.
We are in full wedding booking mode. All the salons are over except for our very own next weekend, so the rush is on for the last bookings. we have a few dates left but we are also now booking for 2009.
We meet all kinds of people. we try to screen as many as we can to avoid the Bridezilla but since last year we have encountered the groomzilla's! yup we now have the guys wanting to make all the decisions. In 25 years of wedding planning I have never seen so many groomzilla's!
Now I am not talking about the nice guys that accompany the brides when picking out a hall. this of course is normal. I am talking about the guys that are forgetting that this day is all about the brides! yes guys, this is the dream for many girls and when I see groomzilla taking over everything from the decorations, flowers, table seating and cake with not a word from the bride I cannot help but think that bride should run as far and as fast as she can!!!
I also get a kick out of the excuses they have to postpone the wedding or change locations. Today we had one guy complain that the kitchen staff was not wearing hats so he left. as I said earlier, we chose nets but hats are still acceptable and worn. The poor wedding planner was speachless and not quick enough to point this out to him. I actually prefer seeing this side of a person before we sign a contract. as a matter of fact, sometimes we will just have no vacancy for them if we are lucky enough to catch a groomzilla in action.
Well this is just another day as the "Mad" Innkeeper...

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