Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's!

Well another year has come and gone. I have had the pleasure of finding long lost friends from highschool over the past few weeks and of putting together a reunion that will happen in April 2008.

Who would have thought that 2007 would bring me closer to the people who in part helped me become the person I am today. Family of course is the first mold that will form us, but friends along the way also have a tremendous effect on who we will become. Imagine the friends that you went to school with over the years. Many I have known since elementary school and then highschool. It was impossible not to be yourself with these people who you spent even more time with than your own family.

We may have seperated ways over 30 years ago, but deep down we are the same people if not perhaps a little wiser. I am astonished at easy it has been to reach out to my friends and at how welcome and good it all feels. What a beautiful gift to give to each other.

Another gift this year was Damas of course. We enjoy each others company and Gerry my husband is spoiling him to death. For someone who did not want anymore dogs, he sure has other ideas for Damas. Over the holidays Gerry decided that the dog should be eating lean meat, fresh vegetables and rice. The kitchen staff are in tears laughing when the dog's order comes into the kitchen at 6h30 each night. Damas eats fish, fruit and vegetables but no sweets are allowed.

Another gift this year was having my three son's who are all grown men now, very much involved in the Inn's business. Some more than others, but at least they are all there in some form.

We also celebrated our 35th anniversay at the Inn (25 years for Gerry and I) with friends and customers. Gerry received a medal from the National Assembly for community services and Thomas our Somellier and Mario our food and beverage manager received the wine award of excellence!
What can we possibly ask for in 2008? I think that time with friends, family and loved ones is what I could use more of. I am the workaholic that just cannot see myself sitting around without doing something productive all the time. I travel but go to cooking classes, check out vineyards and restaurant's all in the name of business. Maybe this year, I will just enjoy the company of friends and try to think less of work.
Do I keep my new year's resolutions?
Well I am certainly on the right track with my trip to Phoenix with Gerry to visit my sister in law in January, my trip to New York with a few of my Yaya friends in February, a quick romantic get a way with Gerry in Mexico in March, our Yaya sugar party and VCHS reunion in April, my Yaya beach trip to Maine in June, and perhaps a trip to Paris to see Coco sometime in the Fall as well as a trip to Virginia for my annual Innkeepers meeting with Nancy Byron in November (I just have to let Nancy know about this one!!!)!
Yup I think I am doing allright!
Now all I wish for in 2008 is good health for my family, myself and you my dear friends!

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At December 31, 2007 at 7:45 PM , Blogger Liliana said...

What wonderful pictures Linda!

Sounds you will be having quite a full 2008 and I am happy to be part of it.

Happy New Year to you and your family my dear friend. Best wishes for good health and happiness


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