Monday, January 14, 2008

Sedona here we come!

Well we have finally arrived in Sedona. I am visiting my sister in law who lives in Phoenix and just decided that we should visit a Select registry Inn while in the area. We try to do this when we are traveling. There is nothing nicer that being able to compare our adventures and also see how other inn keepers greet their guests and what fun amenities they may have found that guests appreciate.

We are staying at the Canyon Villa Inn and will be dinning at Rene's Restaurant. I will get back to you with our review of dinner. So far we have not really sampled much except a seafood restaurant in Scottsdale and a Mexican restaurant is Tuscan. Tonight will be a french restaurant, since we cannot seem to appreciate Mexican cuisine, no matter how it is prepared.

The Canyon Villa Inn is truly a beautiful inn with the desert as it's backyard. I would highly recommend it. I managed to visit all of the members of Select registry today and found that this one suits our tastes best. Make sure that the next time you visit Auberge des Gallant, that you pick up your free copy of the select Registry guide book. You will then be able to enjoy the same kind of comfort that our Inn offers all over North America.

well I am off now, see you later!

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