Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I love Long Island!

Well here we are on Long Island about 200 meters from Louise's house. It was a little too cold to dip our feet in the water but we had a perfect view of the beach. What a great place to stay! On our way out we noticed open house signs and I was tempted to stop and visit some homes for sale!
We dined at the Pine Island Grill where Tommy and Dan took very good care of us. My sons, Neil and Steven had contacted the restaurant and had champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate for us. It was such a nice surprise that they would think of their mom on this special occasion. As a souvenir, I am sure I have a few extra pounds to remind me of this special event.

Check out the apple crumble pie from Geiser's! They are situated on 1st ave in NY city and have been there for 105 years! We could not help ourselves, but had to bring a pie for our brunch on Sunday morning.
I also have to correct yesterday's blog. I did not see Shampoo, I saw Hairspray at the theater on Broadway!!! Sorry about that guys!

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