Sunday, February 17, 2008

What fun we had!

Another Romatic evening has come and gone. I was not fast enough to take a picture of the Maple Pavillon all dressed up for valentine's.
By the time I arrived, Guests were already seated so I did not want to disturb their intimacy by turning up the lights for pictures. I am really sorry I missed this because the place looked like a winter wonderland with everything in white and just the red roses on the tables for a dash of color. Julie our wedding planner did a spectacular job with the decorations.
Today Sunday we are removing everything since we have a press conference on Wednesday to announce the opening of the Sugar Shack for March 1st and the upcoming maple season.
The Gary Moffett trio were much apreciated and had people up and dancing by desert time. The combination of dinner at the pavillon and the live music was a winner and will be back next year since Valentine's is on a Saturday evening. I suggest that people reserve early since this will be a sell out well in advance!
For those following the hot water saga at the inn, we still have not repaired the tank but so far no complaints and we have not run out of hot water. I will keep you posted.

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