Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First snow fall of the season!

well, what a surprise to see all that white stuff this morning.

Last night this Innkeeper was rudely jolted out of bed by the fire alarm. Try and get back to sleep after that!

Because it is so early in the season and the trees are still full of leaves, all this snow was too much weight for them and many simply fell over on to the phone and electrical wires. No electricity means the ventilation fans in the kitchen stop working and smoke and heat start to accumulate and after a certain point will set off the fire alarm system.

Within five minutes we had the generators going and buckled down for a long night. By morning not only were we still out of electricity but we discovered the phone lines were down as well. Does this remind you of last year?

Well by noon the phones were back up and working and by 2h00 the electricity was back on. I managed to take these pictures around 11h00 am, because honestly I cannot recall so much snow before Halloween.

This has put a snag on a project that started today. We are installing a spa outdoors so our guests can enjoy a hot tub under the stars while enjoying the deer eating at the feeders. Excavation started this morning and the installation of the spa should be done in the next ten days. Hopefuly by the November 15th, we will have this new experience to offer our overnight guests.

Well I guess there is no getting away from it...Christmas is just around the corner and with that our famous christmas parties.
I should have lots of juicy stuff to share with you in the coming weeks!
Stay tuned...

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving weekend just happens to be at the same time as our indian summer this year!
For those not familiar with an indian summer, it is summer like weather after the first frost. This is a gift from mother nature that makes it my favorite season.
October 11th and 12th 2008, the town of Rigaud is having their fall foliage festival. They have a train leaving Montreal in the morning with a return around 5h00pm which allows people who live in the city a chance to visit this town full of wonderful adventures on Thanksgiving weekend.
You can pick up local produce, visit an indian village, take horse and carriage rides, taste delicious meals at our local restaurants and stands, listen to music, take a ride on the ski lift and walk the trails on Rigaud mountain... and so much more!
the next two weeks will be the peak of the colors so plan a get away!
For Sunday and Monday we have a traditional turkey dinner available with a my homemade stuffing, the recipe is available on our website at and we also have a very special spicy maple cranberry sauce that you must taste or take home with you!
New at the Inn;
we have local fresh honey, sugar pies, maple syrup, spicy maple & cranberry sauce, sunflower oil,
and other local products available individualy or in gift baskets at 40$-60$ and 80$. What a great thank you gift!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surviving the wedding season

Well it has been a hectic summer!
With all the rain we had in July, we were very fortunate to have had perhaps one rained out wedding. The rain usually stopped by 4h00 and we were very prepared with other alternatives if not.

I am glad to say that this year I did not have any groomzilda's like last year. We often hear about bridezilla's which I have the priviledge of not taking on as clients...but groomzilla's well that was a first!

We have decided to retire the horses and we are not taking any reservations a year in advance for the horses and buggy. If next year they are in shape we may on occasion hitch them but they deserve some r&r. They will still be at the stables on the site of Auberge des Gallant so you can still visit with them and take pictures.

Lucky the goat passed away this summer at the ripe old age of 16. She was a happy goat and had a very good life chassing children and anyone who dared enter the stables. It was actually funny because you could go in but try and get out??? that was another matter! I could write a book about all her escapades. The funniest must be the time she entered the restaurant and ran under a customers table on a busy Saturday night! The staff and customers were in hysterics while my poor husband Gerry removed her by grabbing her by the tail and dragging her out of there in his business suit. We were so sure that we would be eating goat stew the next day!

We will miss her dearly.