Thursday, January 15, 2009

What an adventure!

Well yesterday was quite the day. I woke up thinking how lucky I was to be leaving this freezing weather (minus 24) and to be heading to Mexico for a two week vacation on Thursday the 15Th. It was 10h45 and I was just leaving the hairdresser when my cell phone rang.

The call was from the friends that we were travelling with. They wanted to know exactly when I was going to pick them up? They were waiting for us to drive them to the airport not Thursday but Wednesday! Of course I thought they were joking but it was no joke!

Need I say that I started to panic because no one could find my husband and his bags were not even packed. Driving home I started planning how I was going to be able to make the plane that was leaving at 2h45 with the gates closing at 1h45 and we had about 45 minutes of travelling time to the airport and I still had to get home finish packing and pick up our friends and don't forget...I had to find my husband!

Driving home I started to plan everything. I usually never pack ahead of time but this once I actually had pretty much finished packing except for my hubby's stuff. I had been to the bank the day before and all he had to do was get his prescription refilled. of course he waited until the last minute and that is the only thing we were not able to do before leaving.

By the time I arrived at the Inn (by now the staff are all aware that I am in a panic), they have found my hubby who is now changing and looking at his empty suitcase in wonder but has the common sense not to comment on my stupid mistake as I walk into our bedroom to help him pack. His survival depended on it!!!

I had picked out a comfortable traveling outfit that I had received at xmas (it is still hanging in my room as well as a few other items but overall I actually did a good job of packing and we arrived at the airport for 1h00, made the flight and arrived in one piece exausted.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wow what a new year!

I am amazed and impressed! I was hoping that our cross country ski trails would be open and that people would take advantage of them and then we have the snow mobile trails that where to also open in 2009. Well it is official they are both OPEN!

we had our first cross country ski customers arrive today! They had brunch and when I saw their foot wear Iwent and asked them how they enjoyed the trails. They replied that they were great and that they would be returning on ski. within ten minutes, I saw our first snow-mobile customers arrive as well!

This has been quite a day! Four customers for lunch and basically opening the trail for others to follow. We should have a very nice winter with these two new clientele's.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well it is that time again! Yup wedding season is upon us. we have our own wedding show for brides and grooms that have booked their wedding with us, to help them plan their final details. We do about 100 weddings a year so imagine all these brides and grooms and helpful (to be polite) friends that join us on that day.

we also invite all of our wedding suppliers so that the brides and grooms can ask them questions, see their products, listen to their music... It really has been appreciated over the years.

Last year we had one couple arrive with their brides maid (from hell!!!) who knew everything and basically was remembered by all by the end of the day. Not a good thing... I personally only deal with the brides and grooms. It is their day and what they want, I try very hard to deliver. The wedding party? I do not at all bother with.

I find that often the bride and groom are put into situations that honestly I would never put up with so I become their defender. The couple are always trying to please everybody on THEIR special day. Is their something wrong with this? You bet there is! If I were to do it over again, (I will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in July) I will only invite the family members I feel like inviting (one sister only ) on the day I feel like celebrating (it will be a Tuesday!) and I will serve what I feel like eating (they can stop at McDonald's if they are not happy).

I guess seeing all the concessions that my couples make to please everyone, has turned me into a maverick that can no longer accommodate especially when I am paying the bill. I no longer care what Emily Post thinks! If I only want to be surrounded by my true friends which may or may not include family and if this is the case, I am sure they will enjoy and appreciate our special day. If not well frankly Scarlet I don't give a damn!!!

So wedding party, brides maid, trouble makers, beware I will be defending and supporting my brides and grooms and their wedding decisions. You may want to stay home on January 31st, 2009 and let the couple come alone with Mom and Dad perhaps (especially if they are paying the bill).

So if you are planning a reception in 2009 or 2010, be sure to join us at Auberge des gallant on Saturday January 31st from 10h00 am to 4h00 pm and please be sure to ask for me.
If you dare!!!

When Innkeepers don't agree!

It happens from time to time. Yup when Husband and wife imagine when you are also fellow innkeepers!

Months ago we (he says I...) planned that we would close down for ten days in January to do some painting and renovating. I have given the staff time off for vacations and put a few to work on the renovations. Well just minutes ago (which is 24 hours from closing) he (the husband Innkeeper) decides to stay open!

He believes that our customers must come first and if they want to come to the Inn who are we to say no! Well my argument is, that with the Chef is on two weeks vacation, the MaƮtre D and Sommelier off as well, who the h... is going to do the cooking and serving??? you guessed it, he thinks I should pitch in. He says he will do breakfasts, the second in the kitchen can do supper and in between we can do the painting and wallpapering.

I do not know about you but I think I will start looking for a new husband-innkeeper in 2009!

Let's see who wins this one.