Thursday, January 15, 2009

What an adventure!

Well yesterday was quite the day. I woke up thinking how lucky I was to be leaving this freezing weather (minus 24) and to be heading to Mexico for a two week vacation on Thursday the 15Th. It was 10h45 and I was just leaving the hairdresser when my cell phone rang.

The call was from the friends that we were travelling with. They wanted to know exactly when I was going to pick them up? They were waiting for us to drive them to the airport not Thursday but Wednesday! Of course I thought they were joking but it was no joke!

Need I say that I started to panic because no one could find my husband and his bags were not even packed. Driving home I started planning how I was going to be able to make the plane that was leaving at 2h45 with the gates closing at 1h45 and we had about 45 minutes of travelling time to the airport and I still had to get home finish packing and pick up our friends and don't forget...I had to find my husband!

Driving home I started to plan everything. I usually never pack ahead of time but this once I actually had pretty much finished packing except for my hubby's stuff. I had been to the bank the day before and all he had to do was get his prescription refilled. of course he waited until the last minute and that is the only thing we were not able to do before leaving.

By the time I arrived at the Inn (by now the staff are all aware that I am in a panic), they have found my hubby who is now changing and looking at his empty suitcase in wonder but has the common sense not to comment on my stupid mistake as I walk into our bedroom to help him pack. His survival depended on it!!!

I had picked out a comfortable traveling outfit that I had received at xmas (it is still hanging in my room as well as a few other items but overall I actually did a good job of packing and we arrived at the airport for 1h00, made the flight and arrived in one piece exausted.


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