Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sucrerie des Gallant

The maple season is officially opened! The sap is flowing like we have rarely seen...over 600 gallons of syrup already made by march 6th, 2010!

We have opened the terrace since the weather has been unbeleivably mild during the day but freezing at night which is exactly what we need for the perfect maple syrup. The traditional maple meal will be served to the public until Sunday April 25th, so make sure to book your dates soon if you want to experience a wonderful family experience.

At this particular time of year we also serve a Maple brunch at the Inn for those who would like a more refined dinning atmosphere. Make sure to stock up on your yearly supply of maple syrup while you are here. You can freeze it or leave it in the cupboard for years!

So come celebrate the arrival of springtime with us in the purest of traditional ways!

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