Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anti-Halloween Great Escape!

I am not a fan of Halloween. I liked it better when it was a kiddies night out but now there are even adults that go door to door trick or treating!!! Sorry I just do not get it and now I just want to escape when Halloween comes around.

This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, so we have all kinds of rooms that are still available. To tempt others like myself who wish to flee the monsters and goblins next weekend I suggest you take advantage of our very first 2 for 1 bed and breakfast package.

Book any room for a two night stay in bed and breakfast and get 50% off the regular room rate. You can then add on meals or massages to really take advantage of this great offer. Do not forget your bathing suits for the hot tub!!!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding guests etiquette book

We have pretty well finished the wedding season for this year. We still have our winter weddings coming up and we do offer wedding receptions all year round but the real busy season is from May 1st to October 15th.
I like to think back on the weddings of this past year and share a few stories with you about situations that arise and leave me perplexed for good reason. I am amazed at some guests (remember the wedding party is paying big bucks to hold a reception here) that disregard seating cards, change places, and disrupt the service of meals by refusing what the bride and groom have ordered for them or changing their mind on their choice of meal at the last minute when they see what the other choice looks like. Do they not realise that the wedding couple pay for every additional meal?
Then of course there are those guests who insist on bringing their latest date only to show up alone or not at all! At the starting price of 100$ per person that is wasted money that I am sure the bride and groom could have put to better use. I just hope that these guests overcompensated with a very large and expensive wedding present!!!
Then you have the guest that upon arrival at the Inn wishes to change rooms for whatever reason and when told that the bride and groom are the ones that assigned the rooms (and for that matter are also paying for them) decide to confront the bride to complain! As if the bride needs this on her wedding day!
We have also had couples ask us about enveloppes that their guests said they put in the nuptual basket but that the bride and groom never received and the guest insinuated that perhaps our staff had taken it and since he had inserted cash (of course it is always a large amount) he could not replace like a cancelled check. Well we have not had baskets in years, we use bird cages that are locked and can only be opened by the bride and groom and it is imposible for an enveloppe to slip out. If the guest had realy put an enveloppe in the cage he never would have mistaken it for a basket...I guess this is another way to stiff the bride and groom!!!
The wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple's lifetime. They want to have a great reception and they try to do their best with the seating arrangements and all the other details. They are also responsable for a very large bill and they do not need guest's to add to this with breakage in the room or hall, bar bills and extra costs for taxis that the guests have billed to the bride and groom as well as extra cleaning bills for confetti or broken windows and such.
We take pride in offering excellent service to our bridal couples and still we see some pretty sad situations that honestly I find embarrassing for the the couple. I think there should be a hand book printed and given to each guest that confirms his attendance to a wedding. Most guests would not need it but for those few that do...It would do them a world of good!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Le Festival des couleurs de Rigaud

Le Festival des couleurs de Rigaud invite la plein air en faisant un arrêt au marché des saveurs. Un rendez-vous agroalimentaire où des producteur locaux et régionaux vous feront goûter et connaître leurs spécialités gourmandes. Plus d’une trentaine d’exposants vous attendent sous le chapiteau.

5, rue Pagé, Parc Chartier-De Lotbinière, Rigaud

450-451-0869, poste 231

10 et 11 octobre 2009 de 11 h à 18 h

Source: La Carte de Gourmet

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