Friday, February 6, 2009

What a vacation!

You may not be able to see this very well but believe it or not twice during our vacation at the Valentine Imperial in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, the security guards were called to our hotel to remove an alligator. I do not know about you but I stayed out of the pool!
This vacation was one to remember and this is not always a "good thing". First of all you heard about my crazy flight to catch the plane one day before I thought we were leaving (if not check out my previous blog), then it rained for two never rains in Mexico...well then there was this problem of an alligator who figured there was more to eat in the pool than in the lagoon, then I became ill with Tourista or whatever you want to call it and to top it all off I thought we were leaving on Thursday but it was the Wednesday!
About the hotel...It was OK but nothing like the Grand VĂ©las. They brag about being a five star which is a bit of a stretch. a good 4 star maybe. They have a few kinks to fix even after one full year of operations. It is the typical 425 room Spanish run hotel where you have to get up before sunrise to reserve a palapas for shade on the beach. I am still trying to figure out why only 48 of them for 425 rooms??? People were actually fighting and laying claim to the shade between the huts!
About our return trip home...
Once home we found out that Steven our youngest son had been in a motorcycle accident in the Dominican Republic and had suffered a fractured skull, clavicle and compound fracture of the hand. He returned to Montreal the day after we left on vacation.
Everyone decided to keep the information from us since we would probably have cancelled our trip. Since he was not in any danger and everything was under control...(we are fortunate to have had friends who winter where the boys were vacationing and who took care of all the details for Steven) it was the best thing for us since we were having enough stress already just trying to enjoy our own vacation!
well now we are back and I think I need another vacation some time soon. I am wondering if age has anything to do with how I feel but I am finding vacations are alot of work!

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